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About STRICKLand radio network

Welcome to STRICKLAND RADIO NETWORK , SRN was created by djs for urban radio to provide quality programming, exclusive music, videos, and content for your listeners....  SRN is founded by Poncho Strickland who has been in radio and a mix show dj for over 32 years, because of his love and passion for music, and radio he created this forum making sure listeners / consumers get a chance to hear music from different markets not only in the U.S., but from around the world. As the music industry embraces streaming and those artist with internet fame, 85% of music is being lost and because of this SRN is proving to be a valuable partner to those indie artist that need a platform to be heard. With several mixshow djs on our roster we will be able to deliver quality content daily featuring classic hits and the hottest urban music on the planet  to fit your playlist.

Welcome to Strickland Radio Network..

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